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May 20, 2014



When you start thinking of your child coming of age and looking for his or her own apartment, this is probably when you begin to consider safety. Especially if they may be moving farer away then simply down the street. I know this is when I started taking action. Heaven forbid no one likes the idea of even contemplating the horror of being mugged but it's best to be prepared, educated, and have a course of action.
Knowing how to defend yourself is very important considering you may be looked upon as an easy target simply because you're in a wheelchair and small. Someone may think that you aren't able to get away as fast but let's consider something else entirely. What may be perceived as an obstacle could also be used to your advantage.
Obtaining your "license to conceal" a weapon is a great beginning. I would hasten to say most people would be surprised to know that a disabled person would have such a license for this much less carry one.

Another important step is learning how to shoot. Taking a class from a professional is key to becoming proficient at it. Practice is critical. You don't need to be a marksman, just able to protect yourself and hit your target. All you need to do is disable your attacker so you can call 911.

Pepper spray is also a good tool to have in your pocket, but remember this also means your attacker needs to get close in order for you to use it.  I believe they do make better guns for pepper spray and they are able to shoot further now but my first choice would be a small hand gun.

Also consider that sometimes an attacker may even seem nice and try to get you to let your guard down; perhaps get you alone and away from a crowd. So it's always good to be a bit wary if someone you hardly know appears to come off too friendly straightaway. While I don't wish to come off sounding paranoid, the statistics are especially surprising, when they show how many offenders are people we know such as an acquaintance or someone you just met.

So it's important to be aware of your surrounding and if it seems like this person is trying to break you away from a pack of your friends that you do know.
I bring this subject up for two reasons, one because of large conferences coming up in cities you are unaware of and it is a difficult subject to talk about and I know there will be some parents out there who may be completely against guns and may have no knowledge of such things. But I would rather know my daughter can defend herself and put my mind at rest plus I'll sleep better at night.

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